Dock Cleats, Ladders and Steps

TC Distributing carries a variety of different boat dock accessories to suit your needs. Whether you use your dock for swimming, mooring your boat, or both, we have what you need.

Our boat dock cleats come in a variety of sizes (between 3” and 15”) and materials for your watercraft mooring needs. These include cleats made of nylon, which do not corrode like metal cleats, and aluminum. Some of them are powder coated or galvanized for added safety. In addition to the cleats, we also carry cleat seats. These are special cleats made of a durable nylon that can be completely hidden when not in use by folding them down.

Our boat dock ladders are great for if you use your dock for swimming. They can be galvanized, aluminum, powder coated, and stainless steel. The ladders come in a variety of styles depending on your need or personal preference. If you’d rather walk down into the water than climb down, try our dock steps.

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