Hunting Blinds

Beavertail Boat Blinds for Sale

When you’re out hunting, you want to make sure you have the best gear! At TC Distributing, we offer a great selection of high quality hunting blinds.

  • Predator Layout Blind: The Beavertail Predator Layout blind is great for helping you blend into your surroundings. With its durable and weatherproof polyethylene material, you can hunt in any weather conditions! Our Predator Layout blind comes with a comfortable head pillow and contoured shape for optimal back support!
  • Beavertail Blinds: We carry all models of Beavertail boat blinds from the 1400 to 2200 series. Our Beavertail 1400 Flip-over Boat Blind is perfect for boats 14’ to 15’ long and with a top beam width of 47” to 59”. Have a longer boat? Our Beavertail 1600 Flip-over Boat Blind is great for boats 15’ to 17’ long and with a top beam width of 60” to 72”. Our Beavertail blind series are the only ones in the industry that come with vegetation pockets. This allows more space for holding larger quantities of foliage.

Sit comfortably and hidden in any of our hunting blinds! For any questions or comments, contact our professional staff at (507)381-1657!