Replacement Boatlift Covers

Replacement Boatlift Covers

High Quality Boat Lift Covers

Your boat is your baby and you wouldn’t ever leave your baby in the rain, would you? Of course not! Protect your precious boat from all the elements with our top quality boat lift covers. We recommend the following brands:

  • Shoremaster Boat Lift Covers: These Shoremaster Boat Lift covers come in a variety of material from vinyl to cloth! Each cover is reinforced to prevent fading, rips, and wear from rough weather conditions. These boat lift covers also come in gorgeous colors:

o Grey

o Beige

o Blue

o Green

o Yellow

o Teal

o White

Select a long lasting Shoremaster Boat Lift cover in your favorite color today!

  • Shore Station Boat Lift Covers : The Shore Station Boat Lift Covers are guaranteed to last because they are made with durable, waterproof, marine-grade vinyl and Seamark cloth! With a Shore Station Boat Lift Cover, you will not worry about even the harshest weather conditions in any marine environment.

For any questions on our Shoremaster Boat Lift Covers, Shore Station Boat Lift Covers, or any other boat lift cover products, call us at (507)381-1657!